Now there will be a video-section, with many thanks to Franzi who kindly gave me the permission to user her own space for it. Most of the videos can be watched by using the Windows Media Player, a few ones will be only available by using the Real Player. You will find a legend on every video based site. If you click onto the picture you will be directed via pop-up to the site, where the movie/clip can be seen. If you use a pop-up-blocker it might not be possible to watch the movie, so please make sure that no blocker will interfere. Usually the video will start automatically, except if there's more than one video available in the pop-up - there you just have to click the start-button on the player. If you like to download the video, please use the right-click and say save target as.

Have fun with this new feature.





Letztes  Update: 25/10/06 16:35/October 2004