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I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer and today is the longest day of my life



Hi and welcome to Kiefersplace. This site was first created in German on 06/10/2003 by LuMa and this English version went online on 09/03/2005. LuMa is simply short for our nicks Luin and Maggi. Since it is obvious that it's only me who is still working on this fansite, Luin and I agreed that from now onwards this site's owner will be only me (Maggi). Edit: I found a new partner for my site, Andy. She will help me to finally update this site again *party*.  Why did we create this site at first? We always liked Kiefer, but we really got into him when we first started to watch 24 and got addicted to it. We, LuMa, made the descision that we create this site together. This site has it's own board with an English section and a guestbook where every entry is very welcome. We created this site just for fun and we don't want to interfere with anyone. If anything isn't all right in your oppinion, please contact me and I sure will be pleased to correct or erase it. If you've entered this site by using a search-engine, please click on this link: and you will have the whole page then.


Sorry that I've got to inform you that this site will be cancelled in the near future. I took me a long time to think this over, but I have to make some cuts and it's too expesive for me to keep my sites alive. Thanks to all your contributions and to everyone who visited the sites. 











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