12/08/2007: Surprise, surprise. There are new pictures of "River Queen" up now.

10/02/2007: Finally the last pictures of season 3 S03E23 and S03E24.

15/11/2006: At last something new. You can watch Kiefer and Rocco DeLuca and the Burden on David Letterman now.

01/11/2006: New pics of S03E19, S03E20, S03E21 and S03E22. Also the trailer for season 6 is now online.

30/09/2006: New pics of S03E15, S03E16, S03E17 and S03E18.

25/09/2006: The next two episodes are up. S03E13 and S03E14. The link site has been updated and all non-working links have been removed.

23/09/2006: You can now only reach the guest book thourgh another page with some information on it. Please read it first, before signing. Thanks.  I've created a new e-mail account and most of the site's should be working by now. I am not sure that I got all the older links. So if you find one with "Webmaster...." please change it to "webby". I hope that this will prevent us from a new hacker attack. Finger crossed. Just to make sure: the sender in an answer should read: Kiefersplace - Your Place 2B. Then it's a genuine mail. The webmaster site has finally been updated. There's an update on the S03 pictures. Episodes 09 - 12 are online now.

10/09/2006: Finally the overdue update. Season 1 of 24 is finished now and you can find the pictures here. Also new episodes of season 3 are online now. There are new videos of the Emmy Awards 2006 and Kiefer on Conan O' Brien online.

21/08/2006: New pictures: S01E07, S01E08, S01E09, S01E10, S01E11, S01E12, S01E13 and S01E14.

15/08/2006: Finally I found the time to upload the new pix of S01E05 and S01E06.

12/08/2006: New pics of 24 S01E03 and S01E04 are online now.

10/08/2006: Yeah!!! I finally found a new partner for this site and Andy will help me us much as she can to update this site again. I will try to create new email accounts this weekend and hope that the hacker will be gone for good. Today there are the first new pics online: 24 S01E01 and S01E02. Hope you'll like them. Since this is a major change, I'v decided to update my site to version 6,0.

06/05/2006: I am so sorry that I don't update this site as often as I would like to, but I don't have much spare time at the moment. Today we crossed the line of more than 50,000 hits and as a big thank you I've uploaded Kiefer's and Rocco DeLuca's performance on "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross". Have fun.

09/04/2006: The DVD section has been upadeted. There's a new S05 musicvideo by Carrie available.

26/03/2006: The webmaster site has been updated. Just to make sure that no-body can be spoiled by looking at the titles, I now moved the 24 S05 musicvideos to a different site. Thanks to JACK there's a new 24 S05 musicvideo available.

09/03/2006: Thanks to Carrie and JACK there are 2 more 24 musicvideos.

07/03/2006: Just updated the DVD site.

05/03/2006: I've updated the 24 site and it shows now the characters at the end of season 4 (sorry we are still far behind)

03/03/2006: Another great video made by JACK is available now.

28/02/2006: With a big thanks to JACK I've uploaded two new 24 musicvideos.

18/02/2006: A second S05 trailer and the prequel between season 4 and 5 are online now.

17/02/2006: Finally an update. The pictures of S05E01 are online now. I've also added a S05 trailer.

24/01/2006: Since today Kiefersplace.com is officially only run by Maggi.

09/01/2006: Kiefer's Bio has been udated.

05/01/2006: Two new links have been added.

17/12/2005: A new DVD release in Germany has been added.

27/11/2005: Pictures taken from the 2 S05 trailers are online now.

26/11/2005: A few pictures of Carlos Bernard of an Extra interview are online now.

25/11/2005: I've just uploaded the first pictures of Carlos Bernard on Celebrity Poker Showdown. Also there are now pictures of Xander Berkeley: CSI (4x07), Shanghai Noon and Apollo 13.

24/11/2005: I've just renewed the Making Of Prequel S05 pictures, because I found a video in a better quality. You can now take a look at some pictures of Kiefer in Japan.

22/11/2005: There are now pictures of the "River Queen" trailer online.

19/11/2005: There are some pics of  the Making Of Prequel S05 online as well as pictures of "The Sentinel Trailer".

18/11/2005: I now included a sitemap.

17/11/2005: Since there are a lot of new wallpapers online now, I devided them into 3 categories: 24, Kiefer and movies. I have been told lately that the screenservers aren't working the way the supposed to be. I am currently creating new ones with a different programme. You can find the NEW screensavers at "fanstuff" now.

15/11/2005: All musicvideos are up and running now on my space. Have fun!!!! You can take a look at two new videos on 24. There are several new wallpapers (Thanks Andy!!).

14/11/2005: There has been major updates in the fanlisting section. Due to lack of space I had to upload all the videos to Megaupload, but it takes such an awful long time to download them. So I decided to upgrade my space. I sool will be able to offer the videos on my own space which means, it will be much easier and faster to download them. Now season 5 is officially opened on this fansite. I first uploaded some of the set pictures.

01/11/2005: Unfortunatey it doesn't work out with the space and so I had to upload all the videos to Megaupload. Therefore the videos were not working since yesterday, but now they are all up und running again. There are 2 new musicvideos in the 24 section. To make it easiert I devided the 24 musicvideo site into two sections. Non-spoilers (season 1 - 3 ) and spoilers (season 4). This had to be done due to the fact that season 4 will be aired in January 2006 here in Germany and I have to be on the safe site *gg*.

21/10/2005: I finally finished to upload all the musicvideos to their new space (thanks to Franzi). The download will be much faster now and I've also added a few more 24 videos (some of them are season 3)

02/10/2005: With a big thanks to Andy this site has a new banner.

27/09/2005: The latest video can be downloaded in the "misc" section (musicvideos). Have fun.

26/09/2005: A lot of things has been changed today so it's time for verion 5,0. The "Art" in the mulimedia sections has been cancelled and you can still take a look at all the wallpapers in the new created fanstuff section. There you also will be able to download selfmade musicvideos by fans. Have fun with the new features.

20/08/2005: I've just created a blog which I will use for news on Kiefer, 24, Jude Cole and Ironworks. You can find the news in the "Kiefer" menue.

06/08/2005: The pictures of "Duke of Groove"  and "The Three Musketeers" has been renewed.

04/08/2005: I've added a second "Young Guns" Trailer today.

01/08/2005: "Kiefer on DVD" has been updated. You can now take a look at some pictures of  his small part in "Max Dugan Returns". I've finished season 4 of 24 now with episode 24.

17/07/2005: Today I've uploaded the "24 S04 Prequel", but beware of spoilers season 4 if you haven't seen it yet. You can also take a look at those pictures and of S04E23 now.

16/07/2005: After major computer problems I hope that I will have a chance to work on the page again. I've updated the "Filmography" and uploaded some pictures of the two "CalorieMate"-ads as well as of "L. A. Confidential".

25/06/2005: First pictures of "The Sentinel"-filming and "Canada's Walk Of Fame" are online now.

13/06/2005: 24 characters has been updated (end of season 3 - yeah, we're way behind in Germany *sigh*). You can take a look at S04E22 now as well as some pictures of Dennis Haysbert in "Major League"

26/05/2005: I've just added Charlie Rose on the set of 24 (beware of  S04 spoilers)

21/05/2005: New links to Ironworks artists has been added.

19/05/2005: Pictures of the eXtra show on Ironworks are online now.

16/05/2005: S04E21 is online now. A new link to a German fansite has been added.

15/05/2005: Added pix of S04E18S04E19 and S04E20

14/05/2005: Screencaps of S04E17 are online now

01/05/2005: A new wallpaper of "Stand By Me"  has been added (movies)

30/04/2005: I've created some screensavers which you can download now. Also there's a new section for Kiefer autographs, so if you own one and like to be shown on our site, please contact us.

28/04/2005: New banners for linking our site has been added.

18/04/2005: Kiefer on DVD has been updated. I've devided our banners into two parts, the new ones and the old ones. I am trying to create some more in the next days.

17/04/2005: The filmography has been updated. I've added some links, some new fanlistings and made new banners for this site.

07/04/2005: New pictures of S04E16 been added

02/04/2005: The filmography and Kiefer on DVD are updated now. You can now find the DVD's under its name and not the date it has been shot. Hope that will help to find the movies much sooner.

29/03/2005: Latest espisode's S04E15 pictures are online now

27/03/2005: Pictures S03E03 are online now.

25/03/2005: There's a small new bio in a nutshell online now. The detailed biography will be re-written soon and then I will translate it as well :o)

23/03/2005: Freshly arrived S04 ep. 14

20/03/2005: Just uploaded episodes 12 and 13 of S04. At least for a very short time I'm up-to-date *gg*. I've chanced the shoutbox, because this one can be perfectly fit into the site's design. Also it's possible to ad some smilies on your own. If you enter throught the welcome page, you now can listen to Kiefer's voice *sigh*

19/03/2005: Episode 11 of S04 is online

18/03/2005: S04 Episode 09 and 10 are online now

17/03/2005: The entry-site has been changed to give you the possibility to chose whether to use the English or German page.

13/03/2005: Finally it's done and the site might work properly now. I am still going to take a look at every single bit, that gonna take some time. If  you find anything unusual, please contact us and we will correct it a.s.a.p. Have fun with the new site :o). To celebrate this event, I've just uploaded the latest picutres of S04 E08.

11/03/2005: The first part is done.. the 24-section should run swimmingly now :o)


09/03/2005: I've just started to translate the fansite into English so that everyone will have the chance to enjoy it.